Welcome to our exciting world!

In recent years, the Little Friends dolls from HABA have won over the hearts of many children worldwide. No wonder – they are particularly clever, sugar-sweet, and are ready for any adventure!

With a wonderful collection of dolls, accessories, furniture and animals, children can role play situations from their everyday life. Imaginations are stimulated and children are offered the freedom to play how they choose.

Companions all through childhood!

Super cute, colourful and bendable – Little Friends are buddies all through childhood and because the little dolls are made from sturdy plastic they will go along on any adventure: diving in the bathtub, chasing away monsters under the bed or having a picnic under the kitchen table. Little Friends are like all children, with individual interests, moods and needs. But they all have one thing in common – they’re always ready to have fun!

What make our bendable little dolls so special?

They offer children an alternative to dolls that look like babies or small kids. Little Friends toys provide a variety of ages such as dolls that look like adults, young children, and babies. Our little dolls stimulate kid’s imaginations and offer them the freedom to play how they choose. Playing with dolls is excellent for children’s social and emotional development because it trains their sense of empathy along with their social behaviour. Whether it’s for classic doll’s house role games, experiences in school or with the family…kids can role play situations from every part of their life.

Expandable, flexible play world full of variety!

Our exciting and varied theme worlds make it easy for children to immerse themselves in their fantasy stories and experience everything they want to with their Little Friends.

What about an exciting safari or visiting a farm? The Little Friends animals are naturally an important part of making the childlike world as realistic as possible for play. That’s why more and more animal companions are being added to the colourful world of Little Friends.

Our quality wooden doll’s house furniture & accessories add the perfect finish to any Little Friends house.

The World of Dolls

Dolls & Accessories

Your child will love bringing their HABA Dolls with them wherever they go! Whether they’re attending a tea party, strolling around the park, going to bed, these dolls are friends for every occasion. Wherever their hearts and minds may lead, our companion dolls are perfect for children who like to pretend play and let their imaginations roam. Help to inspire your toddler with a HABA Doll! It’s sure to become one of their most cherished objects for years to come.

Your children will love dressing the dolls in various clothes or bringing them around in a doll stroller! The fun never ends with HABA!

Playfully discover everyday life with HABA dolls

HABA Dolls let children experiment and see the world from different perspectives. They can create their own world where they are free to practise interaction strategies without fear of failure. When children are able to create realistic scenarios and play out scenes from their everyday lives, they learn a huge amount about communication, problem solving, and how to interact with others. There are a wide variety of dolls available, so there’s something for every child: Soft fabric dolls, cute baby dolls, and lifelike play dolls.

High quality, easy-care materials

At HABA we have a principle: toys are only as good as their materials and their workmanship. That’s why we’re careful to ensure the highest quality when selecting materials! We make all of our plush and soft dolls out of the safest materials around. So rest assured… it’s kid safe! Our designers create a variety of fabric products using a wide range of soft, easy-care washable materials. It is precisely the different look and feel of the fabrics that makes a toy for babies and toddlers so interesting.

Dolls & Accessories

Snug Up Dolls

Ultra soft & snuggly sweet!

Adorable dolls that have been lovingly made to be soft, safe and the perfect size for little ones to hug and hold. Our dolls are made with HABA’s signature attention to detail. Made with your little ones in mind, we have designed our toys with the highest quality to ensure that they are loved and cherished for years to come.

Meet our Soft Doll family!

Sweet, soft and always stylish!

HABA dolls are modern, cool and wonderfully natural looking. Thanks to the fact that their proportions are based on a small child’s, children can readily see themselves reflected in the dolls. Soft bodied dolls that are sturdy enough to withstand rough play from children 18 months and up, yet still soft for cuddling and carrying!

Dream Clothes

Doll's clothes & accessories

HABA dolls dream of beautiful new clothes too! Doll parents can now make this dream a reality – with adorable and fashionable Dress Sets to choose from.

Out & About!

Ideal accessories for creative & realistic role-playing

Children can now roam around with their favourite doll or teddy in style! A wonderful selection of travel cots, prams, walkers and more will take imaginations wherever they want to go!

Play Dolls

Almost like real life!

The perfect next step from the HABA Fabric Dolls are the equally cuddly HABA Play Dolls with head and limbs made of vinyl and a soft fabric body.

Doll's Furniture

Cute and cheerful

Lovingly designed furniture suitable for all Haba dolls. High quality finishes made from plywood and beech in just the right size for dolls or cuddly toys.


Raise the curtain and clear the stage for the


Puppets are engaging toys that can help support language skills, communication and social/emotional development. Children can learn and understand the world around them through safe, imaginative play.

Whether you are on the go or at home, the colourful HABA puppets always come in handy and distract your child – boredom won’t stand a chance!

With the different puppet characters, you can tell all sorts of classic fairy tales to your child or even invent your own stories. Watch as their imagination is stimulated and helps to develop vivid story telling skills. And when it is time for rest, HABA puppets are as cuddly and snuggly as you could wish for.

Puppet play and physical development

Playing with puppets is one of the most educational activities you can expose your children to. Watching a child play with a puppet may just seem like pure fun and entertainment, but play with puppets is so much more. These handheld toys have the potential to improve language skills, creativity, social awareness and more. The purpose of the puppet is to create interaction, fun dialogue and even add an element of surprise into your play and learning activities. Playing with puppets will help your child’s development to flourish in the early learning years.

Wonderful quality to cherish through the years

Made with iconic HABA quality to accompany children as they grow through the years. Our fantastical character puppets have embroidered details and are beautifully designed using soft, colourful materials. They are safe, durable and machine washable to ensure easy care.

Let the show begin! 

Captivate little people’s imaginations and enhance their creativity and reasoning skills by telling stories through puppets and using different voices to help bring the different characters to life!

When the puppets aren’t getting up to mischief, they are also great comforters as they love to have a big cuddle!