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Ingenious Creative Educational Supplies

Children have a natural inquisitiveness about the world around them and each new discovery they make is both exciting and engaging. Early Years education is about harnessing the enthusiasm of young, enquiring minds and actively promoting children’s desire to learn new things.

HABA Education is primarily focused on the holistic development of children aged between 0 and 8 years old and its comprehensive product range encourages multi sensory learning whilst ensuring the specific needs and challenges of educational teachers are fully catered for. The indoor and outdoor selection of fun and creative toys, games and equipment have been carefully designed to inspire children to want to learn.

Spark Curiousity and Understanding

All children deserve toys and games that are unique in terms of concept, design, play value and developmental encouragement. HABA supports educators by helping give children the freedom to learn through the simple pleasures of exploration and play. By developing a portfolio of HABA’s unique learning resources, those working in education will benefit from the use of products that have been thoughtfully crafted by tapping into ‘up to the minute’ educational insights and over 80 years of market leading knowledge and expertise.

Our Vision...

… is for children to grow up in a supportive environment which encourages them to unfold and develop their inherent talents. Social surroundings have a profound influence on this, firstly at home and then at school. When children are given a safe and caring space in which to grow, their joy of learning is nurtured and their educational roots can establish and thrive.

Quality & Design

When developing products, it is vital to focus on the evolving needs of educators and learners. HABA consults experts in academia and those working in the educational sector as well as conducting their own observational research. All results are discussed in brainstorming sessions with the company’s design team and a whole host of creative ideas are generated. HABA products are based on a philosophy centred around carefully reasoned design, high functionality and educational relevance.

Safety & Sustainability

To ensure the safety of design concepts and final product creation, a quality and safety team works collaboratively with the design team. Non toxic raw materials and innovative design are used to create products that are completely safe for children.

  • All products meet the requirements of the European Toy Safety standards EN71
  • HABA production works with PEFC wood suppliers that promote sustainable forestry
Grow While Playing

HABA Education is focused on helping teachers to teach and learners to learn. The educational tools available for this purpose are expansive:

  • Inspiring arts and crafts supplies
  • Captivating science and maths resources
  • Games and books that stimulate a sense of wonder and imagination
  • Versatile educational furniture
  • Dynamic outdoor equipment

Fostering Vital Skills Holistically

Areas of development in Early Years education

The aim of early childhood education is to support children comprehensively and to inspire and reward independent learning and discovery. The logically arranged HABA learning modules help teachers find the correct tools to convey complex topics in ways that are age appropriate and developmentally specific.

Skills Tree

The Skills Tree inspires you to find suitable material to grow vital skills by age group.

Learning Concepts

The HABA Learning Concepts (developed with experts) are used to teach children the fundamentals about shapes, surfaces, patterns and numbers. A wide range of resources also help develop working memory, cognitive flexibility and impulse control. These core skills are crucial building blocks that prepare children to continue learning throughout life.

A holistic learning concept for the acquisition of solid maths skills for basic numbers.

Numbers come alive!

Getting children into shape for the future by stimulating, encouraging, and empowering them in a self-directed way.

Getting Into Shape For The Future

Introducing children to the exciting digital world.

Road To Code

Applied brain research findings. Children in control of themselves.

Fostering Executive Functions

Unique Products

Meet Axl!

The mascot of HABA education is Axl, the axolotl. This extraordinary animal is a water-dwelling salamander and resides only in two lakes in the volcanic basin near Mexico City. The tiny animal with the friendly appearance is as unique as our products!

Our Classic: Building Kit Wagon

…is one of our most important and most traditional products: it has been featured in our product range since 1974 and is still one of our best sellers.

High Educational (Play Value): Fröbel Marble Game

Appealing colours and materials invite children to learn in a playful way while training vital skills. Detailed instructions offer many play options.

Multi-Functional & Flexible:
Arch Ladder

Slide, swing or play table.