Imaginative children’s games that are fun for all ages.
We are committed to innovatively creating outrageously thrilling and educational board games for cooperative and competitive fun.

My Very First Games

combines play, fun, and early development

A collection of introductory games developed by educationalists and game authors, especially for children aged 2+ to encourage learning in a playful way.

With simple rules to get going straight away and large, easy to grip pieces for small children’s hands that also encourage free play.

Perfect for toddlers and beyond – My Very First Games stimulate children over and over again by setting appropriate challenges for their age, fostering their early development, holding their interest for a long time … and, above all, is a lot of fun.

Children’s Games

igniting imaginations

Exciting and enchanting games with ingenious special features created to challenge, observe, play and learn new skills. A wide selection of fun and educational games that encourage cooperation and competition–playing.

Family Games

varied and thrilling games for all ages

HABA family games all have one thing in common: they are “game night approved,” meaning that they were tested during several rounds of each game by friends and families … who gave all the games a big thumbs up!

Travel Games

play anywhere!

Whether in the car, train or airplane, HABA games are loads of fun! Portable, convenient, and uniquely designed to ensure lasting entertainment at home or on the go!

HABA games are created to challenge, observe, play and learn new skills, nurturing the astounding cognitive growth of young children.

Made for playing again…and again

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We are delighted to present our range of exciting and educational Games for all ages to enjoy.