Getting into Shape for the Future!
Developing creative potential
Clear shapes and colours are inspiring

Children are always following their inner impulses. Their innate curiosity and creative potential only have to be “teased out” and maintained. So that they can fully realize their urge to discover and their delight in designing, they need a reduced learning environment. Focusing is the keyword. The aesthetic materials are limited to what is essential. These feature clear colours and simple geometric shapes with a high recognition value.

According to Fröbel, creative materials such as arranging materials or their contemporary version as window films are highly stimulating, encourage learning processes, and allow knowledge to develop. Children can delve deeply into their self-selected play learning environment. Here the true wealth of the creative materials is revealed: With each playful experiment, variations grow from simple shapes into complex structures.

Children will not only conquer the land of the imagination but also gain casually or through focused stimulations essential knowledge of mathematical symmetrical shapes and coloured aesthetic patterns and forms of life. And they will become acquainted with something valuable for the future: concentrated, structured, and independent work on an object.
 Marble Game
Item 377052
  • Highly inviting game with a variable degree of difficulty.
  • To form numerous, varied, and beautiful Fröbel shapes.
  • Promotes concentration, colour differentiation, and understanding of symmetry.
  • Supports fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial perception.
 Arranging Material
Item 155244
  • For sorting and arranging pictures.
  • Lots of shapes and colours (including new Fröbel colors!).
 Arranging Puzzle Animal Trrio
Item 139166
  • For arranging patterns and mandalas with and without frames.
  • Trains the perception of symmetries and geometric shapes.
  • Encourages fine motor skills, shape, and colour differentiation and creativity.
 Season Tree
Item 379242
  • Highly stimulating puzzle.
  • Creates opportunities for discussion about how nature changes through the seasons.
  • The geometric shapes – circles, squares, and triangles – teach an understanding of aesthetics and geometry.
  • Helps to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, colour, shape, and theme sorting, and colour differentiation.
 Window Film "Geometric Shapes"
Item 341253
  • Fosters understanding of aesthetics, symmetry, and geometry.
  • Shows how new shapes develop from different ones.
  • Encourages assembly of beautiful patterns, pictures, and motifs from everyday life.
 Window Film Season Tree
Item 341257
  • Fröbel thought: Encourages talking about nature throughout the seasons.
  • Fosters understanding of aesthetics and geometry by means of the basic geometric shapes.
  • Fosters fine motor skills, shape and colour differentiation, and creativity.
  • For variable designing of seasonally appropriate window decoration.
Item 379241
  • Helps children to learn the alphabet, write, and read.
  • Inspires discussions and learning opportunities.
  • Expands vocabulary, word and picture matching, and creativity.
  • Helps to develop fine motor skills (pincer grasp), hand-eye coordination, colour, shape, and theme sorting, literacy, and imagination.
 Bead Threading Set
Item 371673
  • For threading numerous and varied Fröbel shapes.
  • Incl. 10 template cards with 3 difficulty levels.
  • Helps to develop concentration and attention, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination as well as colour differentiation and creativity.
  • Develops an understanding of proportions and symmetries.
 Maxi Placing Material
Item 379244
  • Extra-large format for younger children.
  • Attractive, high-quality materials in sturdy sorting box.
  • To form numerous and varied shapes, quantities, and patterns in the 3 Fröbel categories: forms of Beauty, Forms of Life, and Forms of Knowledge.
  • Teaches the fundamentals of geometry, symmetry, and mathematics, hand-eye coordination, and faculty of abstraction through play.
 Felt Threading "Gifts"
Item 181197 
  • Fröbel’s Gifts ball, cube, and cylinder for threading.
  • Discover three-dimensional geometric shapes with your own hands.
  • Develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, and creativity.
  • Supports shape and colour differentiation as well as the understanding of colour effect (complementary contrast) and aesthetics.


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