Another Collection of
Best-Selling Games

The Animal Upon Animal Games Collection is a truly HABA classic and worldwide bestseller. The games stimulate 3D visualization, precise motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

In free play, children will practice role-play with the animals or work their motor skills by piling the animals to form one or more towers. Parents can play with their children and talk about animals, their characteristics, and living spaces, thereby stimulating the child’s language and auditory skills, creative skills, and also the joy of playing. 
Item 3678
A wobbly stacking game for 2 – 4 animal piling players ages 4 – 99.
The little penguin carefully tries to reach the top of the animal pyramid. He gently climbs on the back of the crocodile and quickly jumps over the collared lizard. From there he balances with utmost skill over the snake and quickly stands on top of the tucan. He just has to pass the bleating sheep and only an inch or so is left to the top. Skillfully the penguin pulls himself up onto the tail of the monkey. Quite breathless but overjoyed he reaches the top of the animal pyramid and proudly looks down. Down below the ant hedgehog is already waiting, thinking: “How, for heaven’s sake, will I climb up there?”
Item 4778
Three animal stacking games for 1 – 4 players age 2+.
There’s pandemonium on the farm. Who can stack the hen on top of the sheep? And is there any space left for the dog? This game material is specially designed for children’s hands. It will foster improved motor skills and your child’s hand-eye coordination. Both die games will acquaint them with first games with rules. The co-operative game variation also fosters their team spirit and shared experiences.
> All in one - game and free play toys
> Extra large animals for children’s hands
> First stacking fun
Item 305907
An animal-themed stacking game for 2 players ages 5 and up.
No sooner has the frog hopped onto the back of the kangaroo than the hedgehog gets ready to jump up and join him. Because today the great animal pyramid is being built! The players roll the die to see which of their animals they have to place on top of the others next. The first one to safely stack all of their animals on the pyramid wins.
> Includes 13 wooden animals
> Simple rules to get the game going right away
> A two-player version of the popular classic
A Wobbly Stacking Game!

Item 305520

A wobbly stacking game for 2 to 4 animal stackers ages 4 – 99.
The animals are getting ready to compete and build a towering pyramid. Players will need to plan their moves carefully and prove their stacking skills. A flamingo on the crocodile, a sheep on the flamingo, a snake over the sheep, so on and so on, higher and higher. Just make sure that nothing falls! The first player to safely stack all their animals wins this classic wobbly stacking game.
> Includes 29 wooden animal figures
> Stacking fun for the whole family
> Simple rules, quick to set up

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