The world of maths in a building block.

Each set of Sumblox wooden blocks are shaped in the numerals 1-10. Each block is proportional in size to the value of the number. So a 2 block is twice as tall as a 1 block and a 10 block is ten times as tall.

Visual learning.

Each number block has its value represented by its height. By allowing kids to see the numbers and values at the same time, maths concepts become more tangible and easier to understand.

The Sumblox mission.

You don’t have to sacrifice learning content to make something fun! By creating educational toys that offer powerful and entertaining learning game, the Sumblox mission is to bring about lasting change in education.

A wealth of information through play.

By manipulating the blocks and stacking them in different combinations, children can learn to recognise numerals, explore addition and subtraction and practice basic multiplication, division, and fractions.

Home Set

43 Blocks + Activity Card

43 hardwood blocks with a folded activity card that kids can follow.

Educational Set

100 Blocks + 4 Lesson Books.

A classroom set of SumBlox (100 blocks) plus 4 teaching manuals (Addition/Subtraction, Multiplication, Fractions, Adding Fractions; 50+ pages each w/ illustrations).

Lesson Book Set

 The set includes Addition, Multiplication, Fractions, and Adding Fractions.

Starter Set

27-piece Starter bundle. In the set you get 10 number 1s, 2 of each number between 2 and 9, and 1 number 10. There are activity cards and a maths guide to Sumblox

Early Childhood Activity Cards

13 Pre-K to Kindergarten Lesson cards. Each card has an illustrated front for kids to follow and a set of step by step instructions on the back to aid teachers during instruction.