JK Adams Carving Board with S/Steel Spikes 50cm

JK Adams Carving Board with S/Steel Spikes 50cm

JK Adams, based in the beautiful landscapes of New England, USA, has been designing, manufacturing and distributing wood products since 1944. Using the finest North-Eastern kiln dried lumber, carefully selected from managed forest sources, JK Adams aims to creat quality maple wood products that will last a lifetime. Foresters in colonial times combed the hills of New England looking for the healthiest, straightest trees to be used as ship masts for the King's Royal Navy. A simple arrow figure was chopped into the bark of the finest trees thus saving them for the crown. JK Adams proudly uses the arrow for their logo, as they too use the best wood in New England for their exceptional product range.



All JK Adams products are guaranteed for 5 years. Maple, with oiled finish. With stainless steel spikes. 

  • 50cm x 35cm x 2 cm
  • Juice channel to drain away excess liquid when craving
  • Maple, with oiled finish.
  • Without stainless steel spikes.
  • Guaranteed for 5 years