Marble Runs, Mind & Learning Games

Welcome to the brilliantly innovative and colourful world of Hubelino!
Hubelino has been inspiring the tinkerers and thinkers of tomorrow since 2008.  Our range of spectacular building systems are 100% compatible with building blocks, figures and themed worlds from other leading play brick manufacturers as it shares a common plug-in interlocking system. 

Every construction becomes an adventure

Hubelino’s play products are much for than just toys - they are tools that help children to shape and understand their world.

While developing our products we work in close cooperation with child development experts, pedagogues and parents to ensure that our products stand up to the rigours of everyday use and align with the latest teaching methods. 

Our robust marble runs are designed to stay put, so your kids can focus on the fun. They promote spatial intelligence and an understanding of fundamental physical concepts like acceleration and gravity, allowing your budding engineers to teach themselves how best to use curves, catapults, slides, and straight tracks to get the most fun out of their designs.

Limitless fun for all to enjoy