Pebbly Splash Round Glass Kitchen Scales

Pebbly Splash Round Glass Kitchen Scales

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Make a real statement in your
kitchen with these Pebbly glass kitchen scales. Easy to use, compact and convenient
to store as they are so flat. With its bright Splash design generous 5kg
capacity and accurate measures in 1g increments it is ideal for both baking as
well as for roasting joints. You can switch easily between grams or ounces, tare
the scales mid recipe or even when you add a fresh bowl. The surface is made of
tough tempered glass and just needs to be wiped to clean.

Available also with a Citrus design.




·        Size: 18.5cm

·        Electronic digital scales

·        Auto switch-off function after a minute

·        Made from tempered safety glass

·        Capacity of 5kgs

·        Batteries included.


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