RSVP Onion Goggles Black

RSVP Onion Goggles Black

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Don't Cry Over Chopped Onions ... Which old wives tale have you tried to stop the tears and runny nose that accompany preparing onions for a recipe: burning candles, holding a lit match between you teeth, breathing through you mouth? When all else has failed, succeed with these Onion Goggles, which have a comfortable foam seal that protects ones eyes from irritating onion vapors. Their hip design may result in a few giggles but you'll have the last laugh. 


  • Storage case keeps goggles clean. 
  • Comfortable foam seal protects eyes from irritating onion vapors.  
  • Anti-fog lenses offer maximum clarity and eye protection.
  • Unisex design fits most face shapes but won't fit over eyeglasses. 
  • Also available in black or white.

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