Delfinware Harmony Large Dish Drainer Black Frame

Delfinware Harmony Large Dish Drainer Black Frame

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The new Delfinware Harmony range comes in two finish options, you can opt for the Black plastic coated frame with a chrome inner or the other way around. Either of these styles look and feel modern and would be ideal for any kitchen. Manufactured in U.K.




Excellent quality plastic covered frame, no chance of rusting. Sturdy enough to kept heavy items as the steady rubber feet stop it moving all over the drainer area. You will be surprised as to how much you can get on it to dry and frankly, it looks very good in the kitchen.

Manufactured in U.K.

Chrome inner, Black plastic coated frame

1 years guarantee

Non slip rubber feet
Mild Steel contruction
Size: 105 x 485 x 375cm

Delfinware is manufactured in Kent, England. They are continuously developing new products and investing heavily in design and technology so that they can provide innovative, adaptable and attractive solutions to the ever-changing domestic environment.
Delfinware products are manufactured entirely* in the United Kingdom. This means that the highest quality standards can be maintained through the entire manufacturing process.

* All products are manufactured in the UK except our 'Laundry' range which is produced in the EU