Boska Raclette Maxi

Boska Raclette Maxi

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BOSKA Holland Cheesewares® is a traditional and innovative family-run company crazy about cheese since 1896. Through four generations, the company has developed from a smithy to a hardware store and manufacturer of professional cheese tools to the current company, continuously developing new Cheesewares®. Boska is a energetic company creating quality cheese tools for every cheese lover out there! It is their mission to inspire you on your trip through the finest cheeses of the world and explore the versatility of it. 

The Raclette Maxi from the Pro Collection (220 volt) is one of the showcase pieces of the Boska Collections. The Raclette Maxi comes with a set of 4 porcelain enamel pans, 4 spatulas and detachable grill plates.



The name 'Raclette' derives from the French word racler, which means ' scrape '. The cheese is heated on one side, and when melted is scraped off and typically served with potatoes, pickles and onions. The set is dishwasher resistant.


Features include

  • Contents: Base with heating element/ 4 Enamel pans / 4 spatulas/ Removable grillplate
  • Material: Enamel pans, plastic handles
  • Types: For all types of cheese 
  • People: 4  
  • Size: 50cm x 11cm x 11cm
  • Power: 220V
  • Dishwasher resistant