Chasseur Cast Iron Fondue Set 6 forks Red

Chasseur Cast Iron Fondue Set 6 forks Red

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If you are passionate about food, then the Chasseur Cast Iron Cookware is designed to heighten your enjoyment of preparing dishes from all over the world, from classic casseroles and fantastic fondues to succulent soups and spicy stir-fries.Every piece of Chasseur Cast Iron cookware is lovingly created using traditional techniques at our factory in the Champagne Ardennes region of France, where high quality cookware has been produced for over 70 years.Chasseur products are beautiful as well as practical. The range's stylish enamelled finish makes them perfect for oven to table use, and is an impressive centrepiece at dinner parties. What's more, they are designed to help make cooking easy. The rings on the underside of the lid allows moisture to gather on the inside, then dripping back onto the food, self-basting it. Essentially, cast iron cookware is now an ideal accessory to a busy modern lifestyle!Added to this, Chasseur Cast Iron Cookware is the eco-friendly choice to make as it is made of up to 80% recycled material. Even heat distribution and heat retention means that much less energy is used whilst cooking, as you can turn the heat down once the pan is hot - saving you money and earning you eco-points.



  • Premium quality, solid cast iron
  • Made in France
  • Double enamelled for added durability and easier cleaning
  • Excellent heat retention 10 year guarantee
  • Size: 1.5L 18.5cm / 7 1/4 inches high 21cm / 8 1/4 inches wide 16cm / 6 1/4 inches deep
  • Colours Available: Red, Black

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